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Online Classes are A Fantastic and Convenient Tool to Further Your Education or Restart a Stalled Degree!!

We're an online distance education site designed to enable you to gather information, articles and links to opportunities to better your education, be it an online education, or a more traditional type school.  Distance learning or online learning is a booming field where you can increase your education, or complete it (high school or college degree) from the convenience of your home or office computer.  The pages on this site provide you with amazing educational opportunities to push your education into high gear. 

Editor's Note: I have personally taught online at the College level for 12+ years.  I have found the students to be older in general but also quite engaged and interested in learning.  And the process is so much more convenient for them. It was in fact the convenience factor that led my wife to earn her master's degree online from a school in the California State University system.  With 3 kids at home, learning online was ideal - not easy, but a perfect fit.  You will find that your online professors are often the same men and women that you would take on campus.  And those who work off campus are required to have the same kind and quality of education; as such, you are in good hands both on campus or taking classes online.

If you feel that you can benefit from this approach to learning than by all means take the online education plunge!!

Online or Offline Education?

When giving thought to online education, some questions come to our mind:

What's it Like To Study Online?

What exactly is the difference between online and on-campus education? Is online education the same thing as eLearning? Which of the two is better? Is one style of education more effective than the other? Are online colleges accredited? Will I learn as much online?  While online education is indeed the future of learning (every major and minor college and university is adopting online classes for online degrees, or has been teaching online classes for many years), can a computer can truly replace a teacher?

Online education can never completely substitute on-campus education. But that is NOT to say that they are not the same in quality.  You won't have the on-campus experience, but that is a small issue when you are needing to further your education or complete a stalled degree from your past; while at the same time juggling a family, kids and full time employment.  Whether you study online ot on-campus comes down to you knowing your abilities, learning styles, discipline levels, time schedules and the like.  But if you have schedule inflexibility that would keep you from effectively attending an a regular campus, OR, you have a particular need to earn a degree across the USA but cannot move there at the moment, distance education via online classes are extremely effective and the convenience level is unprecedented.

Teaching styles change from time to time depending upon the requirements of a class or degree program, so in some cases, a mixture of both is being adopted by many institutions, corporations and organizations. The main purpose is to deliver the training in the best and the most efficient way. The method of teaching can never become “one size fits all”. To conclude, both are good in their own ways and preference is done on the basis of choice.online professor, Liberty University

Here's a perspective from an online professor at Liberty University (the largest Christian online/offline university in the world):

"As an online professor for more 12 years, I've seen it change - all for the good.  The technology has improved as well as the ability to communicate at a level and in a style that can shape the mind - the mind that is that genuinely desires to learn and earn a degree.  If you are not reasonably computer savvy it will be a bit daunting in the beginning but the with the use of educational portals (websites) like Blackboard, eCollege, WebCT, ETUDES and similar, you can overcome your tech difficulties.  The bigger issue is this: If you are academically lazy, and undisciplined, you'll need to wok on those before you step in to the online education realm.  While the online class schedule often affords you extreme flexibility, it does not mean that the classes are easier, just easier to fit in your schedule.  Therefore those who are not disciplined in their time-usage can struggle.  But if you are a busy person who truly wants to expand yourself, and needs the flexibility while being willing to do the work it takes to learn, start and also finish a degree program; online education can be a tremendous opportunity."

Common Online Education Queries?

  • Online education is so common these days that accreditation is rarely a concern.  Sure, you should check out any and all programs but it comes down to  your specific goals and ambitions?  IF, you need a degree from an accredited online classes, online degressuniversity, you'll have no problem finding one. Can you go to Harvard? Stanford? USC? nearly every state college and university? as well as many Christian colleges and universities such as: Grace Bible College, Biola or Liberty University? The answer is a resounding, YES! 

    If you simply want to take a class or two for your enrichment or to relearn a subject, accreditation ceases to be a concern. Online classes for enrichment or skill development are easy to find in many clubs or institutions (for instance art schools or clubs, or industrial situations, community colleges and so forth) or on the web.

  • Online Degrees Available? - Most community colleges allow you to do part or entire online degree programs without ever setting foot on the campus. Many colleges and universities that do not not typically offer 2 year online degrees as well as the opportunity to complete a stalled Bachelors degree (or begin one fresh), a masters degree or various doctoral degree programs.   

  • eLearning and online class are very similar if not the same in most cases.  eLearning often refers a bit more to classes or seminars given by corporations and Human resource offices for specific training or skill development.  Online classes can refer to any class online, but typically refers to classes tied to a college or university setting.

Online education, distance education, online classes, online degrees?  Are theyteacher for you? Well, that is something that you will need to give some careful thought.  But whatever your decision, be sure to base it on the facts.  For instance, do not assume that online degree classes are a poor approach to learning. They are not.  Do not assume that you are receiving a second class education, or your degree will not be worth anything in the marketplace.  That is simply NOT the case.  Your online degree is ultimately as good as YOU make it. Yes, you can go to a hugely well known university and study online or attend a small state college and do the same - earning the same degree.  But it will only work if you determine at least two things: 1. Does your learning style and need for time and educational flexibility, fit the online degree format?  2. Are you genuinely willing to put in real effort? 

Frankly, the world does not need more people with degrees, we need people who have poured their heart into a program so that they can impact their field of study in the years to come.  Determine those issues and you are on your way.  Good learning on your journey!

Are you looking to complete your degree?  Learn a language? Improve your reading or grammar skills?

See how in just a short amount of time you will be well on your way to  learning more and loving it!

Bachelor's Degree - It's now possible to earn a bachelor's degree in less than two years through an online university degree program. An online degree takes such a short time because you are able to set your own schedule. No need to commute to school, quit your job, or attend lectures.

Master's Degree - Earning your master's degree online can be the best decision you make. The Bureau of Labor statistics has consistently proven that master's degrees command a high salary. You can even obtain your online master's degree from a university while working!

Doctoral Degree - Deciding on the right online doctorate degree is not to be taken lightly. If you prefer an online business or psychology degree, then you are among thousands of others who are looking for a degree to advance their career.

If you're in search of the personal trainer certification, preparation for the teacher certification exam, or Microsoft certification training, you have found your source; the online certificate programs on this site are available in these programs of study and many more.

Diploma - Computer-based online training has made studying for your career easier has ever been. If you need an online GED, MCSE training, or Microsoft training, the online diploma may be your first step toward a successful career.

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