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We're an online distance education site designed to enable you to gather information, articles and links to opportunities to better your education, be it an online education, or a more traditional type school.  Distance learning or online learning is a booming field where you can increase your education, or complete it (high school or college degree) from the convenience of your home or office computer.  The pages on this site provide you with amazing educational opportunities to push your education into high gear. 

Editor's Note: I have personally taught online at the College level for 7+ years.  I have found the students to be older in general but also quite engaged and interested in learning.  And the process is so much more convenient for them. It was in fact the convenience factor that led my wife to earn her master's degree online from a school in the California State University system.  With 3 kids at home, learning online was ideal - not easy, but a perfect fit.  If you feel that you can benefit from this approach to learning than by all means take the plunge!!

Are you looking to complete your degree?  Learn a language? Improve your reading or grammar skills? 

Bachelor's Degree - It's now possible to earn a bachelor's degree in less than two years through an online university degree program. An online degree takes such a short time because you are able to set your own schedule. No need to commute to school, quit your job, or attend lectures.
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Master's Degree - Earning your master's degree online can be the best decision you make. The Bureau of Labor statistics has consistently proven that master's degrees command a high salary. You can even obtain your online master's degree from a university while working!

Doctoral Degree - Deciding on the right online doctorate degree is not to be taken lightly. If you prefer an online business or psychology degree, then you are among thousands of others who are looking for a degree to advance their career.

Certificate - If you're in search of the personal trainer certification, preparation for the teacher certification exam, or Microsoft certification training, you have found your source; the online certificate programs on this site are available in these programs of study and many more.

Diploma - Computer-based online training has made studying for your career easier has ever been. If you need an online GED, MCSE training, or Microsoft training, the online diploma may be your first step toward a successful career.

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